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As such Eurospace is the reference body for consultation and dialogue within the industry. The main focus of Eurospace is space policy and strategy. The association regularly issues recommendations based on the identification of issues affecting industry as a whole. The association maintains a permanent policy, programmatic, and technology watch through the activities of its working groups and with the support of the Executive team. The knowledge and understanding gained are used to promote a more space conscious Europe. Activities are carried out within ad hoc working groups and task forces.

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This text is meant purely as a documentation tool and has no legal effect. The Union’s institutions do not assume any liability for its contents. The authentic versions of the relevant acts, including their preambles, are those published in the Official Journal of the European Union and available in EUR-Lex. Those official texts are directly accessible through the links embedded in this document.

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Youth owned start-up making inroads in fibre and cabling networks business. Mellowcabs Pty Ltd has started to lead the way in the fairly new electric delivery vehicle market in South Africa. The company develops and manufactures light electric-powered vehicles for deliveries and local passenger transportation.

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After due notice in the Register of Regulations and two Delaware newspapers, a public hearing was held on September 1, at a scheduled meeting of the Genetic Counselor Advisory Council “the Council” of the Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline “the Board” to receive comments regarding proposed amendments to the Council’s rules and regulations.

The Council proposed revisions to its rules and regulations to add a new Section 7. The proposed changes to the rules and regulations were initially published in the Register of Regulations , Volume 20, Issue 11, on May 1, for a June 2, hearing. The hearing was subsequently rescheduled and took place on September 1, at a scheduled Council meeting. Notice of the September 1, hearing was published in the Register of Regulations , Volume 21, Issue 1 on July 1, Exhibit 2.

Pursuant to 29 Del.

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While the global AIDS response has effected significant reductions in the prevalence of HIV infections and deaths, HIV infection continues to be an epidemic that has not been brought under control. In South Africa, an estimated 7. Collaborating with communities at high risk of infection, the Desmond Tutu Health Foundation DTHF has worked tirelessly to fulfill its mission to lessen the impact of the HIV epidemic on individuals, families and communities in South Africa.

Progress has been made.

Screening Date. Respondent. Case ID No. Reg. Ent. Reference No. TOTAL. Economic Benefit Worksheet. Zohra Virani dba RZS Food Mart.

You are viewing:. You see people crying in the same way, suffering in the same way. Zohra started taking pictures as a child in Algeria, inspired by her older brother, who was a keen amateur photographer. Aged 20, her career began with a three-month stint as a photography assistant in Algiers’ Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions, working on the image library of all the museum’s objects.

In , she started working at the now defunct weekly newspaper, The Observateur, then “started working seriously as a photojournalist” at the Al Watan newspaper in the city, where her enthusiasm for the job was rewarded with increasingly bigger stories. This was a turbulent time in the country’s history, a time of brutal civil war as Islamic Salvation Front guerrillas and government forces clashed — bombings and massacres were a common occurrence.

Zohra was 24 when she photographed the aftermath of a local suicide bomb for the first time. I know what they’re facing. I know what the war is doing to them. I feel like I’m in my own country — it’s strange,” says Zohra. It left her with a profound empathy for those caught up in violence, which makes leaving at the end of an assignment particularly difficult.

I want them to feel like I’m one of them. I don’t have anything for them except taking pictures to show the world what they’re facing.

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OJ L 31, 5. In force: This act has been changed. Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, and in particular Article 2 thereof,. Those natural or legal persons, entities and bodies are listed in the Annex to the Decision.


Table of Contents. As filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on July 11, Address and telephone number of principal executive offices. Approximate date of commencement of proposed sale to the public: From time to time after the effective date of this registration statement. If any of the securities being registered on this Form are to be offered on a delayed or continuous basis pursuant to Rule under the Securities Act of check the following box.

If this Form is filed to register additional securities for an offering pursuant to Rule b under the Securities Act, please check the following box and list the Securities Act registration statement number of the earlier effective registration statement for the same offering. If this Form is a post-effective amendment filed pursuant to Rule c under the Securities Act, check the following box and list the Securities Act registration statement number of the earlier effective registration statement for the same offering.

If this Form is a post-effective amendment filed pursuant to Rule d under the Securities Act, check the following box and list the Securities Act registration statement number of the earlier effective registration statement for the same offering. Indicate by check mark whether the registrant is a large accelerated filer, an accelerated filer, a non-accelerated filer, or a smaller reporting company. Check one :.

Eurospace Working groups & Task Forces

Fall classes start Aug. Most courses will remain online, with a limited number offered on campuses. Student services, including Advising, Answer Center, Tutoring and the Library will continue to be exclusively offered online.

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Li akin msu- lkn Ynny lebih bjik d n r i i ia yung ickh msTf. But Eleanor Axe, an associate physician at the Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center, said caffeine, which is a stimulant, may cause stomach pain. Use this party usage code for For involuntary deductions, Sen. Before implementation begins, the RTC plans to conduct a final round of public engagement along the corridor.

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Get details about AMU Entrance Exam Dates Check here AMU Important dates for Here, we are providing complete details about AMU Exam Dates I want to know that my registration is completed or not Zohra fatima says.

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