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ECPG offers a platform for exchange and dialogue about how understanding gender is central to understand politics and where diversity and plurality in analytical perspectives and methodologies is enhanced. At ECPG, the field of gender and politics is broadly conceived to include any gender, sexuality and intersectional perspectives in political science, international relations, political theory and philosophy, research methods, public policy and public administration, and social movements. ECPG is keen to engage as well with research on race and intersectionality, sexuality, on men and the masculine and those who identify as non-binary, genderqueer or intersex. International in nature, ECPG welcomes contributions about the study of gender and politics across the world. Attendees are affiliated to institutions around the globe. The ECPG counted participants working in 43 countries across 5 continents. Together the work of the ECPG community is solidly anchored in the global debate on politics and gender.

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Gerlach, T. Ein frischer Blick auf gegengeschlechtliche romantische Netzwerke von Frauen. Kordsmeyer, T. Pietschnig, J. Stopfer, J. Arslan, R.

The Red Bull Soapbox Race is a soapbox race organised by the Red Bull company. First held In the London race, one team reached a speed of over 50 kilometers per Date, Course length, Location, City, Country/Region, Entrants, Winner 10 September , la rue d’Ouchy, Lausanne, Switzerland, 70, The Fly.

Summer In best tradition. MPNEhubs- invitation only. Friday 8. Bettina Ryll. Melanoma in a nutshell. Know your stage!

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Register for free to our services and get the newsletter. The human ear is a sensitive organ — loud noise can cause permanent damage with hearing loss or tinnitus the result. A first active ingredient has already demonstrated its effectiveness in acute hearing loss on a small group of patients in the Phase II tests, and the results from this phase of a second active ingredient against acute tinnitus are expected in the summer.

Now the Basel start-up company has received the necessary resources to push the development further, with an investment by Sofinnova Ventures and Sofinnova Partners of CHF47 million. Before he moved to this business position, he served, inter alia, as CEO of Disetronic.

Based in Lausanne (Switzerland), EPFL is a university whose three missions are education, research and innovation.

The event was a well-attended success with attendees traveling from Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. The morning session was concluded with additional presentations as follows:. Attendees reconvened for the afternoon session, largely dedicated to best practice presentations. Topics included:.

After giving thanks to all those in attendance, the information-packed day was summarized and concluded by Ashok Dandekar of Fujitsu. April 07, at am , Kuhu Adhikary said:. Well written, precise and concise representation of a event looked forth by Quality Community of Telecom Companies in India. Great work done by the conclave whereby passive members have become active members.

January 22, at am , MichaelRhida said:. July 10, at pm , MichaelGycle said:.

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Our membership and leadership are composed of volunteer students and post-docs in computational biology and related fields. The main goal of our organisation is to offer networking and soft skill development opportunities to our members. SCS marked the ninth consecutive edition of the event, after the success of previous years’ meetings in Long Beach [ 1 ], Vienna [ 2 ], Boston [ 3 ], Stockholm [ 4 ], Toronto [ 5 ], Vienna [ 6 ], Fortaleza and Madrid

Recalling also its resolution 5/3 of 29 November , on facilitating in order to speed up asset recovery proceedings and render them more successful, Taking note with appreciation of the Lausanne process initiative on practical [2] As at the date of the adoption of the present resolution, 86 States that were parties to.

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To register, go to the Digital Humanities website. Linked data has become an increasingly popular fixture in digital humanities research because it offers a way to break out of the data silos that are constantly being created, and provides a framework for new ways of approaching research questions. We will be focusing on possibilities for an ontology for prosopography because, for historical data at least, people, places and textual sources are likely to be the three pillars upon which a structure of linked data can be constructed, and these three things are likely to be the primary entry point for a collection of linked historical data.

While methodologies for dealing with textual sources are being continually refined, the success of the Pelagios project has demonstrated how historical geographic information, in this case classical, can be used to bring together a wide variety of projects. This workshop will address the issues of bringing linked data to the description of historical persons with the morning session devoted to exploring the question of whether there are sufficient common concepts — a shared conceptualisation — to enable for the practical and useful development of an ontology for historical persons, and the afternoon addressing the challenges of linking these descriptions together to create a shared resource.

A “speed dating” format will give attendees about 20 minutes with Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism Scientific Sessions caused by labor strikes, civil disorders, fires, Genetics, Univ of Lausanne, Lausanne.

We were over 90 at the Lausanne Hotel School for Vinocamp on March 22, not counting the students participating in the competition involving 15 Vintage oenological clubs of European business schools. A total of 12 workshops and visiting the Canton of Vaud animated all tweets throughout the weekend. Who were we? This edition was marked by the majority presence of entrepreneurs, startups and project promoters who will build the wine of tomorrow.

The debates were super rewarding for Vaud wines that are a little late for digital. It was a super intense weekend full of discoveries. We were delighted learn so much about the world of digital and wine and share our landscapes. A beautiful awareness for our growers. Vinocamp first give the floor to the host, the Office des Vins Vaudois, who questioned the need for its presence on social media and the how, along with issues related to export.

However, first an update on our often-distorted knowledge: yes Swiss drink most of their wines, but also Swiss wines need to export to survive. The tens of native grape varieties, lack of clarity in communication designations, the high price, the apprehension of web communication and lack of unity are all obstacles to progress.

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Guisan A. Spatial modelling of biodiversity and ecosystem services — a key tool in the Anthropocene? Invited talk. Malard L. Microbial biogeography in Alpine soils.

and Kuala Lumpur in , the University of. Geneva is very Fribourg). Michèle Grossen (Université de Lausanne) gations, dating, and friendship groups. She language to the other in an adequate speed: meaning.

On average, children take the first steps on their own at the age of 12 months. Many parents perceive this event as a decisive turning point. However, the timing is really of no consequence. Children who start walking early turn out later to be neither more intelligent nor more well-coordinated. Because parents pay great attention to their offspring, they often compare them with the other children in the sandpit or playground.

Many of them worry that their child is lagging behind in terms of mental development if it sits up or starts to walk a bit later than other children. Now, however, in a statistical analysis of the developmental data of children born healthy, researchers headed by Oskar Jenni of the Zurich Children’s Hospital and Valentin Rousson of Lausanne University have come to the conclusion that most of these fears are groundless.

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