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Dating lachenal english concertina

By johnconstable , April 24, in Concertina History. Hi everyone. I’m trying to date my lachenal but I can’t find the database of lachenal numbers anywhere. Please could someone point me in the right direction? I’d love to learn more about my instrument so any other elevant resources dating spring to mind would be great! All else the same, I simple would have estimated the the of manufacture as based on the serial number of No.

The first English-system Lachenal in my database (having over entries) is No. All earlier ones for which I have information are.

I wrote this update in early I’ve completely failed to produce any further update since, but concertina history has moved on quickly, with other contributors like Randy Merris, Stephen Chambers, Dan Worral, Chris Flint, Geoff Crabb and many more producing in-depth articles on the subject. This update remains here for historical reasons, but is also a reminder on how little we knew and how little was available only a short time ago.

This page is an updated section of the original article at concertina. Updating the article has proved difficult because of the rate at which new information has been appearing. Although I hope to release a full update sometime in , much new information has already appeared in the Concertina History Forum at concertina. Neil Wayne’s account of the early concertina years shows that many of the early makers were originally associated with Wheatstone.

A lot of the industry was supplied by small companies, or even individuals, who specialised in making a certain part of the concertina.


Perhaps the most prolific of the London-based concertina makers, the Lachenal company was founded by the Swiss engineer Louis Lachenal, after his years firstly as a craftsman, then as a manager, at the Wheatstone workshops at 20 Conduit Street. A decent survey of Lachenal’s family history and his introduction of mass-production techniques into concertina manufacturing is that of Stephen Chambers , now on concertina. After around 18 years of concertina manufacture at the Conduit Street workshops, to , the new design of concertina resulting from Louis Lachenal’s new manufacturing processes were announced in Wheatstone’s promotional leaflet of mid , the sole surviving copy of which is now in the Horniman Museum Wayne Collection.

The 40 or so Lachenal concertinas in the Collection show the development of his key concertinas based on the designs he had produced whilst at Wheatstones, but the Lachenal factory built up a widespread network of dealers throughout Britain and around the world; we show below a selection of links to some of the dealers’ labels appearing on Lachenal instruments in the Collection.

We list below short summaries of some of the Lachenal instruments in the Collection, including Item C. It was owned by Marie Lachenal , Louis’s daughter, who was a noted performer and promoter of the family’s instruments throughout the s and s.

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Barleycorn Concertinas

The craftsmanship that has gone into making this instrument is absolutely stunning. I’d been very happy with my A. Norman anglo up till now, but it pales beside Marcus’ instrument. I’d have no hesitation in recommending any anglo players looking for a new instrument to go take a look at a Marcus Music instrument.

It was made in the s by Louis Lachenal but later fitted with steel reeds, 36 key plus whistle and squeak dating from , 6 inches across. Selection of English made and German made 20 key concertinas, various.

Instruments Page. Great Canadian Concertinas 3. The fretwork is not ornamental; it provides the holes from which the sound from the reeds is carried out of the instrument. The inside is covered with thin cloth, to let sound out but- to keep insects, dirt, and worms out. Even a small thread or ash from a cigarette could clog a reed and stop a music session until the cover was taken off and the obstruction removed.

In the British Isles worm infestation was a problem. Louis Lachenal, the father of concert virtuoso player Marie Lachenal above , originally worked for Wheatstone as a tool and die maker and manager, then, about , decided to set up shop himself so starting a concertina production company which is as famous, among the concertina playing fraternity, as the Wheatstone, and its concertinas just as in demand. This is a 46 key Duet version of the English concertina for which you have to learn different fingering positions.

The Duet was invented to try to simplify playing for some people.

Great Canadian Concertinas 1829-1973 – 3

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I believe the Lachenal concertinas have hammered stamps on the interior which someones initials and a date or something written somewhere inside), and these can English style concertina if the buttons are in four straight rows. If each.

This Charles Jeffries never knew a thing, never been taught anything— most extraordinary, as he turned out an instrument that no other maker could equal. He used the hardest steel there was, very solid. As far as we know, Charles Jeffries had no technical training and was never employed by any of the previously established concertina makers; 2 yet he somehow managed to produce concertinas that are widely regarded as among the best ever made.

Jefferys, Parade Street, Paddington, W. Today, the instruments made by Charles Jeffries command some of the greatest interest and highest prices of any vintage concertinas. Serial numbers would be most valuable for approximating the date of manufacture of the individual instruments and for estimating the total production of Jeffries concertinas. Numbers abound inside the Jeffries concertinas.

However, these consist of one, two, or three digits that are either handwritten pencil or ink or stamped on the reed pan, underside of the action board, or upper inside edge of the bellows or that are etched into the underside of the metal fretwork see Appendix 1. We have been unable to determine if a particular number is a model number, batch number for a production run, or a number that was the handiwork of an owner or repairer of the instrument.

The only way to obtain an approximate date for a Jeffries instrument is from its features; there are five periods of Jeffries-family-made instruments, dating approximately from to , although there are overlaps between these periods.

The Victorian Concertina: Some Issues Related to Performance

There are lots that match your search criteria. Subscribe now to get instant access to the full price guide service. London no. London’, with key. Glas vom Jugendstil bis heute , Cologne ; Hartmann, C.

Check the formula on website: “Dating Lachenal Anglo Concertinas: A More hand is embossed: ” ENGLISH MAKE + TRADE MARK” (with Lachenal’s logo of a.

I recently discovered, Aug. Then I was was able to solve this identification problem with the help of photographs that I found on Paul Hardy’s George Case Concertina website. The giveaway was the pattern of the tracery on the end plate, it is very similar to mine. I haven’t quite worked out the full origin. I know it’s number is , c. The leather went green with mould, the wood warped, the screws stripped their thread, and the veneer flaked off etc.

So it lay untouched until April when I restored it. The left end was tricky. It was made up of an ebony veneer on two layers of ebony. These three layers were separating badly. I had to replace one of those structural ebony layers with aluminium. It was like doing a three dimensional jig-saw puzzle. I hope you find these photographs as useful as I found Paul Hardy’s.

Some Notes on Lachenal Concertina Production and Serial Numbers

Resources in the Concertina Library for dating vintage concertinas. Do you know another resource that we should include? Tell us about it. Earlier ledgers from the Wayne Archives contain company sales records from the late s to the s along with production records from the s to the s and some early records of wages and other payments. Later ledgers from the Dickinson Archives contain production records from to

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The Vic to rian Concertina. Some Issues Relating to Performance 1. I wish to express my thanks to a. Concertina Connection Helmond, NL and himself an extraordinary concertinist, for having. North Cadbury, Some rset , both of whom checked sources for me and shared information. Messrs Alexander C.

English Concertina

John nickolds to the melodeon proved ideal. Game play there’s a jeffries concertinas made. Variousitem condition: interested in when it at the same.

Louis Lachenal, the father of concert virtuoso player Marie Lachenal above, This is a 46 key Duet version of the English concertina for which you have to concertinas in Canada, bearing an extremely low serial number dating to say,

The donor, Frederick Horniman, included some two hundred musical instruments in the gift of his collection and the Museum building. The Horniman is one of the few UK museums that collects instruments of popular music. In , the Museum acquired a large collection of concertinas, a bellows-blown free reed instrument that was the invention of another illustrious Victorian.

Sir Charles Wheatstone was a physicist best known for his work on the electric telegraph, and as an inventor of scientific instruments. The collection comprised over six hundred free reed instruments, together with an archive that included concertina music, recordings and postcards of famous concertina players. Among the highlights are twelve ledgers from the C.

They were saved from destruction by Henry Minting, one of the managers of the company. More recently, Steve Dickinson, concertina maker and owner of C. These 17 notebooks chronicle aspects of the production and sales of concertinas by the Wheatstone factory from to — albeit with some gaps. They contain a wealth of detail for the industrial and the social historian, including the payments made to tradesmen who provided supplies and services to the Wheatstone workshops. The prices of raw materials used in the manufacture of concertinas are documented here.

The ledgers also chart the weekly wages paid to employees such as Messrs Lachenal, Dove, Chidley and Nickolds, all of whom later left the Wheatstone factory to set up their own concertina workshops, in competition with the parent company. This early Wheatstone concertina, serial No. Museum no: Ma

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This would appear to be confirmed by John Crabb having sold the lease of his own house, only a few doors away from the manufactory, on 2nd August Sidney Pratten guitarist, concertinist, teacher, friend of Giulio Regondi, and wife of the flautist R. Sidney Pratten on 9th May , though no price was recorded; Wheatstone was one of a consecutively numbered batch of twelve concertinas so all of one model that were sold to Messrs.

Thus it would appear, at least from these examples, that both Wheatstone and Lachenal instruments were given the same serial numbers, which implies that there were two separate sequences.


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Horrible 56-key tenor/treble Stagi english concertina sold to me by Castiglione Accordions (Part 1)